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Anonymous asked:

I completely relate to your tags on that post about Rin and Sousuke and realism. I will be 30 this year (!!) and I'm an avid Free fan. I love that as an adult I can look at these 16/17 year-olds with the added perspective of YEARS of challenges and failures, of joys and sorrows. I especially feel this way about Rin in ssn 1. I think a lot of the younger Free fans forget he was a depressed teenager whose dreams were crushed and who isolated himself. His friends forgave him, why can't Free fans?


I know right?! I’m 27 and this brings my late teenage years into such stark relief, especially Rin’s story, because I had such high goals for myself and i fucked up so bad in response to not meeting them in the exact way that I had envisioned. It’s ACHINGLY real. But it’s so nice to see the important thing— that Rin has gotten up, put his life in perspective (My goals and my friends both me a lot to me) and he’s moving forward. 

I’ve already seen some not-so-kind interpretations of the breakdown in his relationship with Sousuke. I’m not saying it’s okay that Rin neglected to contact him and isolated himself, but it’s important to understand why that happened and what it means in relation to his character. 

Actually, the way I see it is that Rin tried Sousuke’s way of approaching swimming and friends— to leave them all behind and work exclusively on himself and it absolutely did not work for him in the slightest. (Hello that’s the whole point of his character arc in S1.) Sousuke, unfortunately, got left behind in that interpretation… along with Haru, Makoto, and Nagisa. 

Not that Sousuke’s way is wrong… obviously it works for him, but it just doesn’t work for Rin. So now Rin has his ideals in place and is gonna make his way based on his own philosophy. (The whole point of his speech to the team at the end of the episode) And now Sousuke wants to try and catch whatever swim-friendship-is-best bug that Rin has toted for his whole life (except for that one dark period.) 

Honestly though, it’s at the point where people who don’t like Rin aren’t ever going to like him so I’ve kind of given up on them. They think he was mean/awful in S1 (and he kinda was lol) but don’t like him now that he’s trying to make up for it either. *shrug* I do think there’s an age divide here but I don’t want too jump to hard onto that because there are people older than us that don’t get it either :P (And those are the people I REALLY don’t get… they must’ve had peachy keen teen lives lol.) 

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