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Anonymous asked:

i think sousuke's pretty useless tbh, now that nitori doesn't need him anymore. he's kind of just there to be a cockblock and live vicariously through rin. i can't wait til he's too crippled to swim, cause then he'll probly get reduced to as background as hana-chan.



Anon what the fuck is your damage? Why would you go on someone’s blog and bash the character that they love and have audacity to not show yourself you need to fall back son

Rin is not the one you should be worried about he’s pretty much got his future set and he’s knows exactly what’s doing and where he’s going. Sou and Haru on the other hand….we’ll at least Haru will eventually figure things out once he talks to someone (because he definitely needs his communication skills bottling things up will result in that scene with Rin) I actually have no Idea if Sousuke is even well enough to even pick himself up let alone swim. I know Rin is friends with them both and worries about them but his future isn’t at stake at all

  • sousuke yamazaki:

    [protects friend against what he initially misjudged as a threat]

  • sousuke yamazaki:

    [gives pep talk to upset teammate]

  • sousuke yamazaki:

    [spends extra time coaching said teammate]

  • sousuke yamazaki:

    [helps someone else achieve the goal that he cant]

  • sousuke yamazaki:

    [in general actively makes an effort to be a good person]

  • fandom:

    i dont know hes kind of a dick

chan-san-sama asked:

I think Sousuke isn't what we expected, I think that's why some people aren't too keen on him. I like that about Free! It's unexpected and kind of realistic in some way? Not everything is dandelions and pansies.

True true. I like that free! Isn’t all about dandelions and pansies it hits really close to home for a lot of folks and that’s why we attach ourselves to these characters because we see our own life experiences in theirs. and when you can identify with more than one character you know you’ve done something right. That’s why I really respect Kyoani and how they’re handling these situations and characters.

Can we as a fandom just take off our shipping goggles for one god damn second? Our boys are hurting and they need to confront each other and communicate their feelings. I want Haru to be okay ,I want Sousuke to be okay and, I want Rin to be okay, just everyone in general to be happy. bringing shipping in this situation is only going to cause problems and I’m going to need some fluffy AUs this point cause canon is getting really depressing really fast (and this is coming from a multi-shipping maniac)

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